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Kemmanagundi Hills| Chikmagalur

Kemmanagundi, the name is derived from three Kannada words, Kempu – red, Mannu – soil and Gundi – place, together meaning a place with red soil. The drive to Kemmanagundi in this magnificent mountain range stretching 70 kilometers by road from Chikmagalur to Kemmanagundi and then down to Kalhattigiri is spectacular and a once in a life time experience. The eye catching scenery on all four sides as you drive this stretch is breath taking.

This range is often compared to Switzerland in Europe and is referred to as the paradise of Karnataka. HRH Krishnaraje Wodeyar IV the Maharaja of Mysore used this place as his summer retreat. As you drive up this magical terrain through dense forests and coffee plantations, you see wild animals and jungle fowl crossing the snake like winding road that passes through rolling pastures, with mountains to your right and deep valleys on your left. The swirling mist, howling wind, and gurgling streams that flow with crystal clear herb and mineral infused water from springs in these mountains, scream to revitalize and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Situated at a height of 1434 meters, Kemmanagundi is the perfect place to visit in any season, with excellent weather throughout the year.The Royal Horticultural Society of Karnataka has its foundation at Kemmanagundi. It’s tastefully laid out gardens amid the lush green environs makes for a picture perfect getaway.

Trekking, nature walks and taking a dip at the numerous waterfalls and streams are some of the best ways to enjoy this un-spoilt mountain getaway.It takes you far away from the hustle and din of city life and yet it can be easily fitted into a weekend which provides the perfect break.

Botanical Garden

You can walk around the beautiful botanical garden and admire the wide variety of flowers, and also purchase plants from its nursery.

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