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Homestay near Mullayanagiri hills

Mullayanagiri Hills| Chikmagalur

Mullayanagiri is part of the Baba Budan Giri hill range and 16 Km from Chikmagalur. At 6330 ft it is the highest peak in Karnataka. The temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. It is a place to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

The Mullayangiri Range of Hills are is one of the most loved landscapes of Chikmagalur. People enjoy Mullayangiri in many different ways, from scenic drives, Mountain camping, to picnics. Mulliangiri has a unique beauty and splendour that has attracted sport lovers, nature lovers, honeymoon couples and holiday goers. It is around 280 km from Bangalore and 54 km from Valley of Birds Homestay.

The mountain range features grasslands, rugged rocks, deep valleys, jungles, fresh mineral water springs and the most magnificent view from the path used by trekkers. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is on its peak. For adventure enthusiasts, the location offers an opportunity to engage in activities like mountain biking, road biking and trekking. The trek route begins from Sarpadhari, which is connected with Chikmagalur by road and is 4km to the top. The major landmarks on the trek path are a small stream, a Nandi statue and a cave with a small water source inside. Trekking during the monsoon is not advised as the track is slippery and some of the rock patches are difficult and dangerous. The initial stretch of the trek has some breath-taking vertical slopes and an incredible view of the Western Ghats with its overwhelming sunset.

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